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What our experts say at Sky Clinic ” Acne Scars “

Sky Clinic Director

What our experts say at Sky Clinic “Acne Scars ” by M J Dharamshi

Sky Clinic DirectorAdvice from our experts at Sky Clinic “Acne Scars”



At Sky Clinic we found acne scars is a great problem for many people.

Acne scars is usually an outcome of an inflamed lesion, such as a papule, pustule or cyst.

Inflamed blemishes normally occur when the pore or follicle gets engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells or bacteria.

If acne is not treated as soon as it develops or habits such as picking or squeezing pimples tends to bring our a deeper lesion and a greater break in the follicle which then the infected material falls into the dermis damaging the skin cells.

To repair damage done to the dermis our skin forms new collagen to repair the damaged skin cells.

“ Collagen is a natural substance which the skin produces which gives the skin its strength and flexibility”

As the damage is do deep it never repairs it to how it was before the injury hence causing Acne Scars.

Preventing acne scars:

  • Treat Acne as soon as it develops giving it less time to stay on your skin and cause more damage
  • Do no pick or squeeze pimples which cause more damage and chance for impurities/bacteria to get into the damaged skin cell
  • Avoiding to pick scabs which have formed. Scabs are our natural body’s “bandage” to help repair the damage skin.

At Sky Clinic we found that DermapenTM Micro-needling works amazingly for Acne-Scars.

Dermapen Micro-needling can visibly improve the appearance of

  1. Fine lines
  2. Surgical, Acne and trauma scars
  3. Stretch Marks
  4. Pigmentation

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M J Dharamshi

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