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“Best Face Cleanser?” by Salomé D

Clinic Manager at Sky Clinic

What our experts say at Sky Clinic “Best Face Cleanser ?” by Salomé D

Clinic Manager at Sky ClinicSky Clinic Juliette Armand Face wash


Most common question i get asked at Sky Clinic is “What is the best face cleanser to use?”

Being in the industry it is vital people to give the care and attention the face needs. As the face is the most exposed body part it takes in the most dirt and daily

As marketing and PR is such a powerful thing to sell an item there are many Facial cleansers that are marketed very strongly to get the sales but the question i ask are they really the best facial cleanser?

After trying many different brands and cleansers i found the most effective and the one that works best for all skin tones and types would have to be the

Juliette Armand Element 03 Foaming Face Cleanser

Benefits of using Juliette Armand Foaming Face Cleanser:

  • Removes Dirt and MAKE UP
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Cleans the skin deeply removing excessive oil with out drying up the skin
  • Firms and tightens the skin.

Active ingredients in the Juliette Armand Foaming face wash:

  1. Cleansing ComplexTM
  2. Seaweed

Juliette Armand Foaming Face Cleanser can be used as frequently as required and can also be used on a daily basis.

I have to say this has got to be the best Face Cleanser i have used of a period of time as it removes all my make up and cleanses my face in one go. Prior to this i always used to use a separate make up remover to my daily face cleanser.

I also found that many face cleansers left my face dry and flaky after use but with the Juliette Armand Foam Cleanser i found my face to be extremely smooth and moisturised after.

After constant use i even found my face had started to feel tighter and more firmer.

Another great thing about the 03 Foam Cleanser was how it forms a foam in your hand giving you much more usage out if and less wastage making it last longer.

For only £18 to buy it definitely is value for money for it does.

With out a doubt i recommend all my clients to use this as it really is a great product.


So the question :

Which Face Cleanser do i recommend?

The Answer has to be the Juliette Armand Elements 03 Foam Face Cleanser.This Face Cleanser can not be bought in shops and can only be prescribed by an Aestheticians making it a specialised Cleanser on order only

Available to order at Sky Clinic for only £18

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