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Nasolabial Folds Smile Lines 1ml Juvederm Volift

Nasolabial Folds Smile Lines Juvederm Volift

  Nasolabial Folds/Smile Lines using 1 ml Juvederm Volift Our clients results for Nasolabial lines above were taken straight after the procedure using only 1ml Dermal Filler (Juvederm Volift) for both smile lines. Nasolabial lines also commonly known as Smile or laugh lines are the folds which connect from your nose down to the corner…

“Why we don’t combine Micro-needling with LED light Therapy for healing” by Jay

Dermapen Micro-needling Natural Healing

  “Why we Don’t Combine Dermapen Micro-Needling with LED light Therapy for healing” by Jay    Micro-needling uses the concept of “NATURAL HEALING” to get results treating many Skin Conditions such as Acne, Acne Scarring, Melasma, Stretch Marks, Hyper/Hypo Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Fine line and many imperfections or skin conditions.  As a Stand Alone both treatments are…

Uneven Skin Tone Dermapen™ Micro-needling

sky Clinic, uneven skin tone hyper pigmentation Acne Scarring

Amazing Results Achieved at Sky Clinic in only 3 Sessions of Dermapen™ Micro-needling “hyper pigmentation, uneven Skin tone and Acne Scarring” Treated by Jay  Our Clients main concern was a combination of Acne Scarring and mostly Hyperpigmentation. After constantly trying to treat her skin with different methods using topical Creams, Chemical peels and IPL she found she…

Acne Scar Treatment Dermapen at Sky Clinic

Acne Scar Treatment Dermapen Sky clinic

Acne Scar Treatment Dermapen conducted at Sky clinic in only 4 Treatments The Above results were achieved after full healing around 4 weeks after Fourth Acne Scar Treatment! Our Clients main concern was the Scarring and Seborrhoea(Acne) around the Jawline, Cheek and Temple Area. After many years of suffering from Acne and Acne Scarring our client…

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