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When it comes to the aesthetic industry you pay for exactly what you get. Don’t compromise your face to save a few pounds.

On average you should be paying from anything from £200-£400 pounds for a Microblading treatment.
At Sky Clinic we have a lot of clients who come to us after having a botched up cheap microblading to ask if we can do anything about it with pictures being sent that are very embarrassing.

Eyebrow Microblading is a medical procedure and must be conducted in a Clinical environment!
During microblading bleeding can occur hence why sterilising and hygiene is extremely important.
AT SKY CLINIC, we conduct all our treatments in a clinical environment which is fully sterile ensuring all procedures are conducted with the safety of the therapist and the client

Does your therapist use an Autoclave(medical grade Steriliser)?
It has been clinically proven that using anti-bacterial spray or soaking in sterile solution does not fully remove all blood related bacteria!
AT SKY CLINIC, we only use an autoclave and disposable tools to ensure health and safety of all our clients

What Qualifications does your therapist have?
There are many training academies and centres that provide 1 day training to therapists giving them the ability to start procedures. Microblading is a medical procedures and it is not possible for therapists to learn techniques, Health and safety, Sterilising in a 1 day course.
AT SKY CLINIC, all our Microblading therapists are trained by Phibrows and are all senior aestheticians. Phibrows are the leaders in the industry when it comes to training and extremely thorough giving all our clients the satisfaction that they are being treated with highly trained staff.

Can i see some of your work?
Microblading includes the treatments but also a top up which is normally conducted 4-6 weeks later. Ask your Therapist for examples of their work after healing. The results shown straight after the treatment are fresh and will always look perfect but therapists using cheap pigments, cheap products do not last and can fade very quickly and loose colour.
AT SKY CLINIC, We only use the best products and pigments ensure our clients that they are paying premium prices for premium products which do not fade as appose to cheap products. All our before and after pictures are after healing which can be found on our website or social media pages.

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