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Juliette Armand Cosmeceuticals at Sky Clinic

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“Why We Use Juliette Armand Cosmeceutical at Sky Clinic”

 Juliette Armand Cosmeceuticals

“Why we use Juliette Armand Cosmeceuticals at Sky Clinic?”

Skin Care cosmeceuticals play a vital part at Sky Clinic for all our treatments.

After extensive research to find the perfect skin care range to go with our treatments we found Juliette Armand to be top of the list.

 To gain great results there are 3 factors that are extremely important that we follow at Sky Clinic

1. The Treatment chosen for the condition

2. The technique/Experience by the Aesthetician

3. Cosmeceuticals combined with the treatment

 At Sky Clinic we ensure all our staff are not only qualified but always updated with the latest technique of conducting any procedure.

We do our own trials and tests at Sky Clinic to find the best combination of all three to give our clients the best out of the condition being treated whether it being Acne Scars, Acne, Hyper Pigmentation, Skin Tags, Xanthelasma etc.

 Juliette Armand was chosen to be the top of the list purely because of its natural ingredients as all Elements line are:

– Parabens Free

– Propylene Free

– Glycol Free

– Mineral Oil Free

–  Allergen Free

 After trialling different product/Brands in combination with our equipment we found the results of Juliette Armand to be astonishing mostly with our Dermapen Micro-needling treatment giving our clients better results with less downtime and a quicker healing time.

 The part that made us more sure it is something we want to use at Sky Clinic was the price range. Still giving great results but the price was definitely not something that was break the bank. Not very expensive so affordable for our clients but still giving the top results to date.

 Another would have to be the range of product you can use for so many different conditions and problems. The line of Juliette Armand is extremely bespoke for most Skin Conditions as you can buy different elements such as Peels, Masks, Creams and serum.

At Sky Clinic all our staff are highly trained in Juliette Armand product ensuring all our client they are getting the right advice on which range is best for them for their skin problem or concern.

 We also use Juliette Armand cosmeceuticals in combination with our treatments giving our clients the satisfaction that we use the best products with all our treatments. 

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