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Milia Treatment Results At Sky Clinic

Milia Treatment at Sky Clinic

Milia Treatment Sky Clinic

 Milia Treatment at Sky Clinic


Milia Treatment Results at Sky Clinic!

Our Client above had suffered from Milia for many years and finally happy to have them removed. After constantly spending a lot of money on concealers and under eye make up now does not where any more make up at all!!

Milia is mainly caused by trapped dead skin cells (keratin) in your skin clogging up sweat ducts. Milia mostly tends to be caused after trauma, rash due Allergic reaction and irritation from harsh products. 

Milia can occur anywhere but most typical on the face, under the eyes and cheeks. 

A Course of treatment is required for this treatment.


💉 Treatment: Milia Treatment Sky Clinic
👨‍⚕ Conducted by Senior Medical Aesthetician
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🌎 Website
📍Location Edgbaston Birmingham
😴 Numbing Topical
 Time Taken 30-45minutes
📆 Healing time up to 3 weeks
 Results last from 12months-permanent depending on each individual client
😱 Pain minimal pain
💰 Cost from £150 depending on size of area per Treatment. Recommended a course of 3 for optimum results.


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