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Mineral Based Essentials For your Perfect Summer Glow

Daily Essentials Sky Clinic

Daily essentials Mineral Based Products SPF, Face Wash, Moisturiser

Three Mineral Based Essentials for your perfect summer glow Recommended by us at Sky Clinic.

Our highly recommended 3 step daily routine available to buy at Sky Clinic for only £100

1- Daily Foaming face wash – Great as a make up remover, Great for Daily use. Recommended to use twice a day

2. Hydro Repairing Cream- Great Mineral based moisturiser with cell repairing agents. Recommended to use twice a day morning and evening

3. SPF Sun Film-  Top UV Protection, Parraben Free, Oil Free. Recommended to use twice a day Morning and evening

The recommended above are a 3 step daily routine we recommend for both male and females for basic maintenance of the skin. Always remember with your skin

You perfect daily routine can be purchased from Sky Clinic for only £100. Order yours now by calling on 0121 454 5098