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Nasolabial Folds Smile Lines 1ml Juvederm Volift

Nasolabial Folds Smile Lines Juvederm Volift


Nasolabial Folds Smile Lines Juvederm Volift

Nasolabial Folds/Smile Lines using 1 ml Juvederm Volift

Our clients results for Nasolabial lines above were taken straight after the procedure using only 1ml Dermal Filler (Juvederm Volift) for both smile lines.

Nasolabial lines also commonly known as Smile or laugh lines are the folds which connect from your nose down to the corner of you mouth. As we age and loose Collagen in our skin our fold tend to show more pronounced and look more deeper.

There are many different factors that can cause our Smile Lines to show more and some of them are down to Ageing(weakening of Facial muscles), Sun Damage, Smoking and Excessive Smiling or use of muscles. Smile lines can become prominent as early is mid 20s.

Treatment : Smile Lines/Nasolabial Lines

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Dermal Filler is made up of Hyaluronic Acid Gel which is injected in the skin that contributes to Volume and Hydration. Can be used for Lip Volume or Border lines, Cheek Augmentation, Nasolabial Lines, Frown lines, Tear Trough, Forehead Fine lines and many more. Many Brands are available from Juvederm, Princess and many more.

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