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Sky Clinic Finalists of The Aesthetics Awards 2018

Aesthetic Awards 2018 finalists Sky Clinic best clinic midlands

Sky Clinic Finalists Aesthetics Awards 2018

Sky Clinic Make it to the Finalists of the Grand Aesthetics Awards 2018!! Interview with Owner M J Dharamshi.

Sky Clinic was the brainchild of co-owners and partners M J and Salome Dharamshi. Sky Clinic was established in May 2016 at its modern, state of the art facility in the Edgbaston Village. In that time Sky Clinic has grown and transitioned into pioneers in the field. Tapping into a niche in the market for a clinic that offered an upmarket service the business has thrived on the motto of ‘Harley Street service at High Street Prices’

Sky Clinic have an ever increasing and wide range of professional services. The clinic have fully trained practitioners in the following areas; 3D-Lipo Suction Treatment, Microblading, Dermapen Micro-needling, 3d-Skintech Facial, Laser Therapy, Pure Skin Touch and Injectable Procedures such as Lip Augmentation, Botox Treatments and non-surgical Nose Jobs. Along with this, the clinic also works to provide solutions for Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, scars and Stretch Marks amongst others. This year we are on track to serve close to 3000 patients with varying conditions.  

Customer service and honesty are at the core of the ethos at Sky Clinic which flows through the organization. Patients trust us to provide results and our practitioners hold themselves to an incredibly high standard. Going above and beyond the expectations that are held by our patients is the key to our model. Honesty and trust are key components of the clinic and we ensure that our customers are informed of all of their options and consenting at every step of the way.

After a small interview with Mr M J Dharamshi this is what he had to say about it:

How do you feeling about being shortlisted out of so many clinics to be a finalist for the Aesthetics Awards 2018?

” It is a big accomplishment for Salome and I as Co Owners of Sky Clinic. It is definitely one of the awards that we were thriving for”

Do you feel you have a chance of Winning the Aesthetics Awards 2018 for your category?

” It is hard to say as it is entirely up to the panel to decide but i believe we do have a good chance just like other finalists in our Category. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Being a finalist its self is a big achievement for us”

What advice would you give to other clinics to gain such a big achievement?

” Knowledge is the key to success! Knowledge gives you that extra mile you pass on to the client. For us each individual client matters  so you can ensure at Sky Clinic you will receive the full effort from all our staff. Another great success method is customer service! Treat a client right and they will always be loyal to your service!”

How do you stay on top of the Game in the Aesthetics field?

“We do have our own research team that is constantly looking at new treatments and methods for all aesthetics procedures. The industry becomes advanced very quickly as new researches are done on a daily basis. We are always adding the latest trends and treatments to Sky Clinic. Constantly attending Advanced trainings for each individual treatments also keep us up to date with new protocols.”

Thank you very much for this interview Jay and wishing Sky Clinic all the best in on December 1st 2018 at the the awards.

“Thank you very much, We are of course grateful to the Aesthetics Award Team for choosing us and looking forward to the Awards Ceremony on 1st December 2018”

END OF INTERVIEW 10/09/2018 1pm

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